DC rotor windings

DC motors, manufactured and repaired in the PARTZSCH-Group are used in traction machines for trams, suburban and underground trains and other rail vehicles whose rated power is below 1000 kW.

Another area of use of these DC rotors is in drive motors for rolling mill equipment, reversing operations and lossless actuators, such as rotary kilns and paper machines. We can process machines up to a unit weight of 120 t.

Our scope of services includes all types of winding designs, whether shaft or lap winding, made of round or profiled wire. We also recondition commutators, taking into account all of the special features of the individual job.

Technical parameters
  • Unit weight of DC armature up to 120 t
  • Impregnation system for rotors up to 10 t and a diameter of 2000 mm
  • Rotor taping up to 3500 mm diameter
  • Renewal of commutator insulation
  • Load test of DC motors up to 200 kW and 1000 V