In order to ensure fair general conditions for the repair of the machines supplied by our customers, all machines are inspected in our test facilities for defects that are not initially visible.

These inspections agreed with the customer include the disassembly and cleaning of the machines with subsequent electrical testing and mechanical measuring and, where applicable, thermal measuring.

After the preparation of a detailed inspection report, which is sent to the customer for consultation, the offer is compared with the actual scope of services to be performed. If necessary, the customer receives a supplementary offer. The customer then decides on the scope of work to be performed, or rather, the repair procedure used for his machines in our company.

Technical parameters

  • Visual inspection of machine components
  • Runout inspection
    • Electrical receiving inspections
    • Insulation resistance measurement
    • High-voltage testing up to 35 kV AC
    • Surge voltage testing up to 40 kV
    • Resistance measurement
  • Mechanical receiving inspections
    • Measurement of bearing seats
    • 3D measurement of the entire machine
  • Thermographic inspection of the laminated core