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Electrical engineering

As the latest business segment of the PARTZSCH group, the PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau  GmbH is engaged in de­velopment, construction, calculation and distribution of elec­trical machines since February 2012. With specialisation in production of winding components of electrical motors and generators up to 3,2 MW, this company is one of the most innovative medium-sized electrical industry.

The field of mechanical processing is also covered by the com­plete range of CNC production up to the complex welded con­struction. Professional project handling are also guaranteed on the topics service, maintenance and repair of electrical machinery. Moreover, individual components are manufactu­red at the highest technical level  and with quality and precis­ion „Made in Germany“, from the heart of Saxony.

Flyer PARTZSCH Electrical engineering

Production Range and Machinery

By taking over of Mechanik Leisnig GmbH with its over 100 years of manufacturing experience, the company continues to develop into a global full-service provider of electrical machi­nes and drives. With the expanded product portfolio, in com­bination with current product developments, opportunities will open up which are of an incomparable use for our customers.

Production areas

General engineering and assembly production

We are always open to your special requests. Our qualified team would be delighted to work out solutions for your business and adapts to your individual product requirements, because: Your Vision is our challenge!

Processing of housings and stators

We also have in this area expanded our manufacturing capabilities for you. We can provide housings and sheet metal packages edit on our drilling and processing center. up to a size of:

1500 mm x 1500 mm x 1000 mm

Production of shafts and rotor machining

A wide range of CNC and conventional lathes offers numerous opportunities to provide our flexibility and variety for you to prove.

Processing and manufacturing of work pieces

  • up to 40 tons
  • up to 10 000 mm centre distance
  • Faceplate diameter 1680 mm
Manufactoring of field coils and pole cores

Also in the area of machining we have modern CNC technology for milling and drilling. The processing of copper and laminated sheets is also part of our daily business.

Technical possibilities for field coils

  • maximum external dimensions: 1000 x 1300 mm
  • maximum total height: 320 mm
  • maximum weight: 1200 kg
Attachment parts, spare parts and new components
  • A fast, flexible availability of spare parts is a very significant factor in the repair business.
  • We offer a reliable manufacturing on schedule of attachment parts, spare parts and new components for all drive components, e.g. shields, terminal boxes, connectors.
  • The production can be made of steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals or from plastic.
Tools and equipments

We manufacture devices of all types for you and our own production with high accuracy and very special requirements. Basis for this is our own in-house construction department.


Development - Design – Calculation, CAD Program: Autodesk Inventor

  • Development of products
  • Prototyping
  • Special machinery
  • Tool production
  • Simulations
  • Drawings and prints up to A0
  • Constructions in 2D and 3D
  • Capture customer‘s own design drawings

Benefit from over 125 years experience in engineering and manufacturing of high performance spindles.

PDF Spindles & Bottom rollers

Range of services

  • production of all types of spindles in sizes 6,8 mm / 7,8 mm / 8,8 mm
  • economic production of short, medium and large series
  • delivery of various spindle-components
  • blade shaft spindles with chromium-plated shaft
  • spindles also for non-standard designs, prototype and spare spindles
  • shafts characterized by high fracture strength thanks to optimum hardening technique
  • uniform surface quality through the use of special grinding, polishing and chromium-plating process

Product data

  • spinning fingers for balloonless spinning or spinning with reduced thread balloon
  • mounting of all standard spring pieces; also in corrosion-resistant design for wet spinning applications, free –wheeling clutch
  • a stable top part with an increased resisting torque to avoid defl ection when changing the cop
  • efficient lightweight-constructions to minimize drive energy
  • we produce wharves in hardened or coated design with the smallest possible wharve diameter
  • braking systems in all conventional versions
  • bottom parts of spindles with bearings by all renowned manufacturers
  • CS 1, CS 1S, CS1 12, CS1 12S, HP-S68, HP-S68/3, NASA, HF 1, HF 21, HF 3
  • with internal and external locking
Bottom rollers

Our extensive product range includes all standard equipments of well-known manufacturers as well as driving parts.

PDF Spindles & Bottom rollers

  • specially manufactured material ensures a constant surface hardness of 60 HRC and an extremely low surface roughness
  • additional surface protection by hard chrome-plating
  • guarantee for a precise run-out accuracy due to CNC-technology
  • manufacturing and distribution of corrugated profiles of all customized types
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