GENET GmbH – new partner for construction of synchronous generators for power generation for special applications

A new Cooperation – creates new dimensions

GENET is a new sales and engineering company with registered office in Ingolstadt, Germany. The team consists of experts with international and longtime experience on development and production of synchronous generators for power generation.

Your contact persons are:

PARTZSCH – with its huge production possibilities and modern machinery – lays the ideal foundation for the complete production of the synchronous generators.

TOGETHER we offer customer-specific solutions for the power scope of up to 20.000 kVA and voltages up to 15.000 V. We have specialised on production, service as well as repair and commissioning of generators for the following applications:

  • Hydropower
  • Steamturbines
  • Frequency transformers
  • Generators for marine and stationary applications

Please feel free to learn more about the benefits of our „all inclusive service“. You reach GENET: :

Generatoren Elektro Technik GmbH
Bunsenstraße 10
85053 Ingolstadt

Tel. ++49 841 220586-50
Fax. ++49 841 220586-79


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