Partzsch Group

We take care

For maintenance and production in the PARTZSCH Group we take on all logistic processes, from pick up to return transportation to proper packing of your goods.


We of course provide services in Germany and throughout Europe, and together with reliable partners we transport goods worldwide.

Having our own vehicles allows us to react quickly and flexibly to deliveries or pick ups, independent of external shipping companies. Our fleet covers vehicles of all classes, from passenger cars to trucks with a payload of 25 t.

our cars with technical data

Truck 40 t

Cargo load: 25 t / Loading height: 2,60 m / Loading length: 13,6 m

Truck 20 t

Cargo load: 12 t / Loading height: 2,60 m / Loading length: 7,2 m

Truck 12 t

Cargo load: 5,5 t / Loading height: 2,60 m / Loading length: 6,1 m


Cargo load: 1,35 t / Capacity: 9 m³ / Loading length: 2,85 m

This makes it possible for us to ensure economical and ecologically friendly transportation. In our company, forklifts with a capacity of up to 10 tons and cranes with a capacity up to 2 x 60 tons are on hand. Our services cover more than just the transportation of goods; it also includes a shuttle service to the surrounding infrastructure nodes.


Do you have highly sensitive bulky items that you wish to transport by sea or air? No problem! Take advantage of the years of experience of the PARTZSCH Group in worldwide shipping of goods, in particular for packaging of complete electrical machines and their components.

Our services includes
  • Vacuum packing to protect against moisture and dirt
  • Production of special transport frames for rotors of all sizes
  • Production of transport securing equipment for machines of all kinds
  • Production of transport crates for individual coils and coil sets
  • Production of packaging suitable for sea transport
  • Individual solutions for excess length, width, height and weight


Starting with formalities associated with transport to European countries, or even outside of Europe, we take care of all the necessary work in the shipping process. Independent of cargo or container shipping, we organise transportation to all countries across the world, whether by road, rail, sea or air. This allows us to save valuable time, which you can then use for the core activities of your business.

We are happy to advise you on how to ship your goods professionally, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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