General engineering and assembly production

This manufacturing segment specialises in the production of machine components, primarily for electrical engineering. We thus produce shafts, end shields, transmission components, such as pulleys, couplings, terminal boxes and similar components. Apart from that, we provide welded constructions, colouring
and special parts.

We support you in the following fields:

  • Manufacture of shafts and machining of rotors
  • Machining of housings and stators
  • Add-on, spare and new parts
  • Manufacture of subassemblies
  • Tools and fixtures
  • Machining of field coils and pole cores
  • Engineering
Type of machine Travel in x-direction
in mm
Travel in y-direction
in mm
Travel in z-direction
in mm
SORALUCE fixed table
travelling column for
turn-mill centre
FP 8000
8,000 1,500 3,200
Table-type boring and
milling machine BFKF
2,100 1,400 875
Hedelius T8-3200 3,220 865 1,000
Hedelius C80M 2,300 800 600
AXA VPC40-U 2,300 1,200 600
AXA VPC40 2,000 1,100 700
DMG DMU 125 1,000 800 750
DMG DMU 70 750 600 520
DMG DMU 50 500 450 400
  Travel in mm
Type of machine Max. length Max. Ø
EMCO MaXXturn 3,350 610; from 90 onwards/td>
Monforts RNC 500 (2x) Bar up to 42
Machining of chucks up to 220
Turning length up to max. 1,000
Traub TND 350/360
Index G 200 (2x)
Hanwka SL 26H
Femco HL25
Work operation Travel in mm
Flat grinding Table clamping surface 500 x 220
Circular grinding Max. grinding length 1,000
SA6U - 1000 Max. grinding length: 1,000
Other production sectors


  • Wagner band saw WPB 340A

Surface treatment

  • Glossy, textured or wet paint finishing


  • MAG, TIG, resistance spot welding or weld cladding
  • Braze welding
  • Certification level CL1 acc. to EN 15085-2
  • Class D certificate acc. to DIN 18800-7:2008-11


  • Sandblasting with silica sand, granules or walnut shells
  • Solid measures: 1,000 x 600 mm

Heat treatment

  • Annealing furnace for stress-relief annealing
  • Dimensions of the combustion chamber (L x D x H in mm): 1,250 x 3,200 x 1,000
  • Max. temperature 1,000 °C


Production of shafts and rotor machining

A wide range of CNC and conventional lathes offers numerous opportunities to provide our flexibility and variety for you to prove.

Processing and manufacturing of work pieces

  • up to 40 tons
  • up to 10 000 mm centre distance
  • Faceplate diameter 1680 mm
Processing of housings and stators

We also have in this area expanded our manufacturing capabilities for you. We can provide housings and sheet metal packages edit on our drilling and processing center. up to a size of:

1500 mm x 1500 mm x 1000 mm

assembly production

Our qualified team would be delighted to work out solutions for your business and adapts to your individual product requirements.

Attachment parts, spare parts and new components
  • A fast, flexible availability of spare parts is a very significant factor in the repair business.
  • We offer a reliable manufacturing on schedule of attachment parts, spare parts and new components for all drive components, e.g. shields, terminal boxes, connectors.
  • The production can be made of steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals or from plastic.
Tools and equipments

We manufacture devices of all types for you and our own production with high accuracy and very special requirements. Basis for this is our own in-house construction department.

Manufactoring of field coils and pole cores

Also in the area of machining we have modern CNC technology for milling and drilling. The processing of copper and laminated sheets is also part of our daily business.

Technical possibilities for field coils

  • maximum external dimensions: 1000 x 1300 mm
  • maximum total height: 320 mm
  • maximum weight: 1200 kg

SORALUCE fixed table travelling column Turn-mill centre FP 8000

Modern technologies for your success!

High-quality, precise and flexible machining of:

  • Key components for the oil and gas industries
  • Engine cases
  • Welded components
  • Rotors and motors
  • Machine beds
  • Machine columns
  • Crossbars up to 8,000 mm
Technical specifications
X axis (longitudinal) mm 8,000
Z axis (vertical) mm 3,200
Y axis (transversal) mm 1,500
Milling heads   Diagonall- + angle milling head
Drive power kW 43
Toolholder min-1 SK50 - Big Plus
Speed range 750 5,000
Moving vertical
turning and
boring table
mm Diameter: 2,000
Dislpacement axis: 1,500
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z mm/min 35,000
CNC   TNC 640
Cooling lubricant   External and internal cooling
up to 50 bar
Tool changer: Number 60
Workpiece weight
fixed table
kg 20,000 (higher weights by
Workpiece weight
kg 3,000
Workpiece weight
positioning table
kg 8,000