In-house products

Beside the production of electrical machines based on technical data from our customers, we can also offer self developed synchronous generators for power generation.

With its comprehensive vertical integration and state-of-the-art machinery PARTZSCH offers ideal conditions and realises the entire manufacturing of the machines. PARTZSCH provides customised solutions in the field of special machine engineering for power ranges up to 20,000 kVA and voltages not exceeding 15,000 V. We specialise in the manufacturing, maintenance, repair and commissioning of generators for the following applications: hydro power, steam turbines, frequency converters and marine and stationary applications.

Hydro power

Hydro power has a huge potential for power generation and is becoming an increasingly important source of energy. It is one of the major sources of renewable energy. Hydroelectric power plants can be controlled and easily adapted to meet the demand for electricity. For this application PARTZSCH delivers horizontal and vertical generators up to a power range of 20 MVA.

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Steam turbines

Steam turbines play an essential role in combined heat and power, in steam power plants and in several industrial applications. Furthermore, steam turbines are deployed in the field of renewable energies for biomass applications, waste combustion and applications for solar thermal energy. For this application PARTZSCH delivers generators up to a power range of 18 MVA.

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Frequency converters

Rotating frequency converters are used for increasing or decreasing the mains frequency in isolated operation. Furthermore, the output voltage can be adapted. Rotating frequency converters are often used in civil and military applications as ground power units. For this purpose PARTZSCH delivers frequency converters up to a power range of 5 MVA.

Frequency converter
Marine and stationary applications

PARTZSCH also offers generators for power generation for the on-board power supply of civil and military vessels as well as generators for stationary applications (onshore and offshore). For this purpose, we cooperate with established classification societies.

For these applications PARTZSCH delivers generators up to a power range of 20 MVA.


Protection class

  • IP23
  • IP43 (equipped with filter)
  • IP44
  • IP44R and IP54


  • Open-circuit ventilation
  • Separate air inlet and outlet
  • Air/air cooling and air/water cooling


  • Double bearing design IM1001 (B3) or IM1101 (B20) and
  • Single bearing design IM1205 (B2) or IM1305 (B16) or B5/B16


  • Roller or plain bearings


  • IEC / EN 60034
  • VDE 0530
  • Ship classifications ABS, BV, LR, DNV, GL etc.

Additional products upon request:

  • Number of poles: 2-pole and 16 to 32 poles
  • Output: 20,000 kVA – 25,000 kVA
  • Voltages: 15 kV – 20 kV
Logo Llyod Systemtechnik

Our partner for digital excitation and protection systems for synchronous machines

The company

The Company LST, Lloyd Systemtechnik supplies manufacturer-independent all products for safe operation and monitoring of synchronous machines. The main target of the dynamic company LST, Lloyd Systemtechnik is to develop, manufacture and distribute products considering economic aspects which meet the customers requirements, the current technical standards as well as ecological demands.

The range of services is based on many years of experience in the areas project management, designing and producing of analog and digital excitation systems. Furthermore, complete generator protection devices and synchronization systems are supplied.

Another focus of LST is the modernization and refitting of existing systems in the field of exciter systems and generator protection The production of different excitation systems and the wide range of system properties enable solutions for new designs as well as the modernization and retrofitting of generators from other manufacturers.

All inclusive

The scope of services includes:
  • 18 years of experience in the field of industrial power plants
  • Technical analysis, support and tender preparations
  • Project planning
  • Drawing of circuit diagrams, bills of material, cable lists etc.
  • Manufacturing of analogue and digital excitation systems
  • Manufacturing of generator controll-panels
  • Test shop which allows in-loop testing of excitation systems
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Disassembly of old systems
  • Assembling and installation of new systems
  • Commissioning
  • Local assistance during revisions

As an extension to the production of complete generator-control-panels, including digital excitation systems, generator-protection components and synchronizing systems, LST offers the complete service and maintenance of the delivered systems.

  • ŠŠQualified staff
  • Modern measuring methods
  • Trouble shooting
  • Problem analysis by good trained and equipped employees
  • Training and consulting of customer-technicians
  • Commissioning of the supplied systems
  • Recommendation for spare parts
Scope of delivery

Protection systems for:

  • Synchronous motors
  • Synchronous generators
  • Asynchronous generators
  • Transformer protection


  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • Black start capability
  • Synchro-check relays

Excitation system:

  • Static excitation systems
  • Compound excitation systems
  • Thyristor controlled
  • IGBT controlled