Lift drives

Straight to the top - Lift Drivers from Swiss Traction

PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau GmbH develops, manufactures and distrubutes gearless drives under the Swiss Traction Germany brand for heights of up to 35 metres.

The energy-efficient, compact direct drives of the ZEFIR series are both low-noise in operation and require practically no maintenance thus being the perfect choice for a great variety of building types. The permanent-magnet synchronous drive is impressive on account of its high power density and its very high levels of efficiency. The integrated encoder system ensures exact positioning and optimum drive control across the entire speed range.

ZEFIR lift drives manufactured by PARTZSCH will meet even out-of-the-ordinary customer demands, such as specific rope groove forms, rope diameters or different breaking systems.

As the permanent-magnet synchronous drive technology is continuously enhanced, lift drives made by PARTZSCH are a secure and forward-looking choice for your building.

High-quality Direct Drives

Our compact ZEFIR lift drives are available in six standard sizes for carrying capacities ranging from 225 kg to 14,000 kg and travel heights of up to 35 metres. Larger lifting heights can also be realised on request.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Compact design with high level of efficiency  
  • Low-noise, low-maintenance
  • High torques and high power density
  • Create high standstill torque
  • Exact positioning thanks to integrated encoder system

direct drive of the zefir series z18x mini class

Useful load 225 ... 630 kg
Lifting height up to 20 m  

direct drive of the zefir series z24x magic class

Useful load 225 ... 1,250 kg
Lifting height up to 35 m  

direct drive of the zefir series z32x compact class

Useful load 400 ... 2,000 kg
Lifting height up to 35 m

direct drive of the zefir series z42x medium class

Useful load 800 ... 2,000 kg
Lifting height up to 35 m

direct drive of the zefir series z52x premium class

Useful load 1,250 ... 5,600 kg
Lifting height up to 35 m

direct drive of the zefir series z62x bison class

Useful load 1,600 ... 14,000 kg
Lifting height up to 35 m

Our patented Drum Drives

Drum Drives brochure

PARTZSCH gearless drum drives, as well, are low-noise and low-maintenance as are all our ZEFIR lift drives. The patented design with the rope guide being directly positioned on the rotating drive cylinder make it suitable for installations in confined places.

Our drum drives are available for travel heights of up to 17 metres and design speeds of 0.63 m/s. The rope groove configuration, when equipped with our patented drum drives, of course, can be customised for individual requirements.


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