Lift Drives

Straight to the top - Lift Drivers from Swiss Traction

Swiss Traction Germany GmbH was founded as an independent company in 2005 and has been dealing with the development, production and distribution of gearless drives for passenger and cargo lifts. Since 1 November 2017, the production of these drives has been continued by PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau GmbH under the name Swiss Traction Germany. The development, manufacturing and distribution of permanent-magnet synchronous drives will thus be continued purposefully in the future and further adapted to market developments.

Special features:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Compact design combined with high efficiency
  • Low-noise, low-maintenance
  • High torques, high performance
  • Creates a high standstill torque
  • High positioning accuracy thanks to the integrated encoder system

New in our range of products

Drum Drives brochure

Drum Drives allow additional space savings as the rope guide is directly positioned on the rotating drive cylinder.

You can find the data sheet for traction drives here.

Technical specifications (configuration)

Our lift motors are available in six sizes for a range of useful loads between 225 kg and 14,000 kg – either as a patented permanent-magnet synchronous drive or as a drum drive.

Lift drives

Series Useful load in kg Lifting height in m
1 Series 225 ... 630 25
2 Series 225 ... 1,600 30
3 Series 225 ... 2,000 35
4 Series 225 ... 2,500 45
5 Series 1,000 ... 3,200 53
6 Series 1,050 ... 5,000 65