Picture Headquarter

Our headquarters are located in Döbeln, right in the industrial heart of Saxony. The Group possesses 20 production halls with around 40,000 m² of space.

The premises are situated in a favourable and central location, very close to the A4 and A14 motorways.


Take the Döbeln-Ost (AS35) exit off the A14, direction Döbeln. Follow the road for around 1.5 km until you arrive at a roundabout. Take the second exit here and after another 500 metres turn left into Oswald-Greiner-Straße – you have reached your destination!

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Site plan

1 Repair (CPI-plant)
2 Quality assurance, Impregnation
3 Corporate management, General administration
4 Deburring sheet metal and painting, car pool, shipping
5 Roebel bar production
6 PARTZSCH Windgeneratoren Service GmbH
7 Repair (pyrolysis)
8 Assembly of large parts
9 Laser cutting system, production engineering
10 Laminated core production
11 Laser cutting system, water jet cutting
12 Round wires winding
13 Diamond coils production
14 Stock laser cutting technology
15 Large impregnation system
16 Field coils manufacturing
17 PARTZSCH Spezialdrähte GmbH
18 PARTZSCH Spezialdrähte GmbH
19 Repair of laminated cores
20 Reception, sales department / marketing
21 Accounting personnel department
26 Manufacturing of slip-ring rotors, high-speed balancing and centrifugal casting plant
27 Repair
PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau GmbH