Due to the current developments concerning the corona virus we would like to inform you about important regulations at PARTZSCH group of companies / PAMO Reparaturwerk GmbH.

As a part of a generator repair, the colleagues made an interesting discovery when dismantling the laminated core.

As part of the basic overhaul of a turbo rotor from France, we identified weaknesses in the winding insulation. Therefore, a new winding with new copper was carried out.

A German mining company commissioned us to repair a 24-ton DC armature of a conveyor motor. This motor extracts the raw material from a tunnel several hundred meters deep.

Almost historical: a steam turbine generator for power supply and indirect steam supply in a paper mill running since 1960. Due to the partially asbestos-containing housing seals, opening the generator was previously not possible.

On December 5, 2019 the colleagues spent a cozy evening with mulled wine, punch and other Christmas delicacies at the Döbeln winter market. Later, four teams from the PARTZSCH group competed against each other in curling. The hard-fought-for challenge cup must then be defended again next year by the winning team.