On-site services

From diagnostics to repair and assembly work onsite, we strive to solve motor and generator problems at your location. Our qualified employees, with years of experience in the electrical engineering sector, are equipped with modern testing and measurement equipment for work in the field.

Equipment of our mobile service team
  • Mobile measurement unit with HV transformer for partial discharge and tanDelta measurement up to 35 kV and 140 kVA
  • Service vehicle for small inspections and Service container for large inspections
  • Rotor extension frame
  • 4-channel oscilloscope for shaft voltage measurements and 3-phase power measurements
  • Video endoscope for visual diagnostic fi ndings at inaccessible locations
  • Travelling-wave measurement device for fast rotor winding inspection while still installed
  • Interturn fault testing device up to 25 kV and insulation measurement equipment with DAR, PI, DD and C
  • Wedge-pressure testing device for measuring residual spring travel on machines with head springs
  • Performance of vibration measurement and analysis on site
  • Inductor cap puller (portable) up to a cap diameter of 1300 mm
  • Laser-optical alignment of the generator gearing unit

We can diagnose machines of all sizes on site and then prepare an offer optimised for your specifi c needs. In addition to measurement services, such as highvoltage testing, tan measurements, insulation value determination, etc., we also offer our 3D coordinator laser-tracking system. With this system we can completely measure machines.

We offer inspection, disassembly and assembly of generators up to 250 MVA with air-cooled design.

Upon request, for overhauls and repairs of your generators and motors, our engineers coordinate not just the service teams in Europe. This includes all assembly work, including provision of cranes, transport of the machines for repairs in the factory and re-installation and calibration of the reconditioned parts.