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Sometimes, from a certain point on, maintenance work is no longer economically feasible depending on how much effort would be required to repair a specific machine and on the availability of the spare parts for it. It is often the case that no spare parts have been kept on stock – particularly if the electric motor was made to individual customer specifications.

We are able to create an equivalent reproduction of your existing electric machine irrespective of how old or what make it is. This means that you will be able to replace your existing old machine with an identical new one. Reproductions can be manufactured using existing drawings / documentation or a sample machine provided to us for a short period of time.

Your benefits

  • It will not be necessary to modify the installation site
  • It will not be necessary to adapt electrical systems
  • No new approvals or tests will be required
  • Machines may be swapped without restriction

Reverse Engineering

Contour detection with large-format scannerFor the repair of machines, it is typically sufficient to receive one individual sheet. The contour is scanned and digitalised. After reconstruction on a CAD computer, the data is transmitted to the laser cutting system. The reconstructed sheet can be cut.

For new production, it is suffi cient if we receive per PDF file the corresponding dimensions. The use of DXF or DWG fi les presents no problems. It should be mentioned here that we always have a sheet coil stock with approximately 500 t – 600 t in various electrical sheet quality.

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