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Rotor windings

On the following sites we offer you an overview of the following possibilities in manufacturing rotor windings.

Three-phase slip-ring rotor windings

Three-phase slip-ring rotor windingsMachines for small rated power levels are designed as round-wire windings, medium to large rated power levels are designed as bar windings. Depending on the size and weight of the rotors, in addition to lifting equipment, certain winding, cutting, straightening and taping machines may be necessary. In addition, special welding methods for different material properties are an important quality criterion of the technological feasibility.

Three-phase squirrel cage windings

Three-phase squirrel cage windingsThese windings are manufactured in copper, aluminium or special alloy bars. The generation of the welding joints of the bars with the short-circuit rings on both sides requires an extremely high level of technical skill, as these parts are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations and thus extreme levels of thermal expansion.

Synchronous rotors

Synchronous rotorFor synchronous machines, special pole wheel windings are needed. These windings exist in a range of designs and rated power levels. The rated voltage here is relatively low. There are signifi cant differences in the manufacture of the pole coils.

DC rotor windings

DC rotor windingsDC motors, manufactured and repaired in the PARTZSCH-Group are used in traction machines for trams, suburban and underground trains and other rail vehicles whose rated power is below 1000 kW. Another area of use of these DC rotors is in drive motors for rolling mill equipment, reversing operations and lossless actuators, such as rotary kilns and paper machines. We can process machines up to a unit weight of 120 t.

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