AC round wire windings

This manufacturing area has specialised on the production of round wire windings in single-layer, double-layer or specialised designs. Modern production technologies are used, such as: winding machines, infeed devices, slot folding machines and welding equipment.

Our technicians can produce handmade windings in the necessary quality, where there is no limit to the number of poles.

Technical parameters

Standard round wire windings can be produced with the following parameters:

  • Average winding length up to 3.5 m
  • Up to size 800 maximum weight of 8 t
  • Hand windings for size 150-800
  • Infeed of the windings for size 132-450 (for series)
  • High-temperature windings for short-term excess temperatures (400 °C/ 2 h; 600 °C/ 1 h)
  • For higher ambient systems in continuous operation up to 100 °C
  • Round-wire slip-ring rotors up to 6 t
  • Round-wire pole-wheel windings
  • HV round-wire windings up to 6.6 kV
  • Converter-compatible windings
  • Strand winding

Additional winding types and larger dimensions and weights available upon request

  • Insulation cutting and stamping machine
  • Coil winding machine (coil length up to 1300 mm)
  • Pole-coil winding machine (coil length up to 1 m, net weight up to 50 kg)
  • Welding machine (for welding joints from 10 mm² to 150 mm²)
  • Electronically programmable testing machine
  • Current UV-impregnation system for stators up to size 350 (up to 4 stators simultaneously, impregnation cycle 1.5 to 2.5 h)
  • Infeed machine up to size 450, four-pole and higher pole machines up to 1.5 t
  • Press for compressing the winding head up to size 160