Slip-ring rotor windings

Machines for small rated power levels are designed as round-wire windings, whereas for medium and large rated power levels bar windings are applied.

Depending on the weight and size of the rotor, in addition to lifting equipment certain winding, cutting, straightening and taping machines may be applied. Apart from that, the availability of special welding procedures for the various material qualities is an essential criterion for the technological feasibility.



The mechanical processing of rotor parts, such as the manufacturing of shafts, laminated cores and slip-ring assemblies also forms part of our range of services.

The application of appropriate tapes for absorbing the centrifugal forces on the winding is of utmost importance and requires special machinery.

We can offer these windings with two types of insulation. They can be produced using the resin-rich process with cured slot insulation or the VPI technology with complete submersion in thermal class 155 (F) or 180 (H).

Technical parameters
  • Weight: Max. 32 t


  • insulated bars and/or enamelled wire
  • VPI or resin-rich processes
  • minimum cross section: 4 x 1 mm
  • max. cross section of 25 x 5 mm up to a length of max. 2 m
  • special sizes available upon reques

End winding tape

  • up to 1,500 mm laminated core diameter
  • up to 5,000 mm shaft length
  • max. weight: 10 t
  • larger rotors are currently taped in Bitterfeld

Special features

  • Production of 2-pole turbo rotors, including balancing and overspeed.