Special construction and reproduction of electric machines

As an alternative to the reconstruction and renewal of machinery we can offer the reproduction of your motor or generator.

The special feature of this technology is the exact reproduction of all dimensions, but also the new configuration of the machine's magnetic circuit with the aim of improving its efficiency. Energy efficiency is one of our top priorities.

You can rely on our complete range of services for designing and manufacturing.


Depending on the repair expenses or the availability of spare parts in some cases machines are no longer worth repairing. And for customised electric motors there is usually no alternative in place.

With PARTZSCH you can benefit from an identical reproduction of your electric machine, regardless of age and type. You can thus receive a completely identical new machine in exchange for your existing machine. The reproduction is realised on the basis of existing drawings / documentation or the temporary provision of a sample machine.

Manufacturing of prototypes

  • Stator production
  • Rotor production
  • Special machine engineering
  • Development until start of production
  • Application also in potentially explosive atmospheres and in deep water


Our engineers and technologists specialise in the on-going development and optimisation of existing technologies. Our experience gained in many years has an important impact on this field of expertise. True to the motto ‘Everything you can imagine you can create’ we can help you realise your individual requirements, from the idea to the finished product.

Reverse Engineering

For the repair of machines, it is typically sufficient to receive one individual sheet. The contour is scanned and digitalised. After reconstruction on a CAD computer, the data is transmitted to the laser cutting system. The reconstructed sheet can be cut.

For new production, it is suffi cient if we receive per PDF file the corresponding dimensions. The use of DXF or DWG fi les presents no problems. It should be mentioned here that we always have a sheet coil stock with approximately 500 t – 600 t in various electrical sheet quality.


Range of services

  • Complete reproduction (even without the original documents)
  • Prototype production / development until start of production
  • Complex and new electric machines included
  • Regardless of machine age and type
  • Reverse engineering / reconstruction

Your Advantages

  • No adaptation of the installation site necessary
  • No adaptation of electrical installations necessary
  • No new permits or tests necessary
  • Machines interchangeable without restrictions