Partzsch Group

Special windings

The company PARTZSCH Spezialdrähte is concerned with the production of wires and insulation in the typical areas of use in electrical engineering sector as well as with the development of special wire insulation for special cases. We are thus able to provide a range of options for special wires and windings.

Closed-slot coils

Closed-slot coils The PARTZSCH-Group also provides coils with specialised shapes, such as closed-slot coils, still found in some older machines. Closed-slot coils can be manufactured, regardless of their size, from drawings or the original winding using specially designed equipment.

Converter-compatible windings

Converter-compatible windings A topic of particular current interest is the operation of motors with frequency converters. The insulation system of a motor fed by a converter is more greatly stressed than in the case with sinusoidal supply voltages. In addition, for machines with a rated voltage above 400 V and supply from fast-switching DC link converters, the winding insulation is heavily stressed.

High-temperature windings

High-temperature windings By removing smoke, smoke and heat exhaust systems ensure a safe escape and rescue of people in case of fi re. The motors used in these applications are equipped with an insulation system that allows these systems to operate at ambient temperatures of up to 600 °C for a suitable period of time.

High-temperature windings

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