Textile machinery

Special machine engineering for the textile industry

Parts of our machinery, as well as some employees come from textile machine engineering. We thus have the necessary expertise and production know-how in this field. In this area, surfaces and runout accuracy have to comply with stringent quality standards.


  • Index G200
  • CNC Drehmaschinen Femco HL-25
  • CNC Drehmaschine Hanwha SL 26H
  • TBT ML 200-2-8

„Spindles - made in Germany“

Benefit from over 125 years experience in engineering and manufacturing of high performance spindles.

  • Manufactured according to the highest quality standards
  • Certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Flexible manufacturing
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Proficient consulting and professional support
  • Absolutely reliable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low-vibration / low-noise
  • Minimum of maintenance and care required
  • Implements outstanding market and branch know-how
Range of services
  • production of all types of spindles in sizes 6,8 mm / 7,8 mm / 8,8 mm
  • economic production of short, medium and large series
  • delivery of various spindle-components
  • blade shaft spindles with chromium-plated shaft
  • spindles also for non-standard designs, prototype and spare spindles
  • shafts characterized by high fracture strength thanks to optimum hardening technique
  • uniform surface quality through the use of special grinding, polishing and chromium-plating process
Product data
  • spinning fingers for balloonless spinning or spinning with reduced thread balloon
  • mounting of all standard spring pieces; also in corrosion-resistant design for wet spinning applications, free –wheeling clutch
  • a stable top part with an increased resisting torque to avoid defl ection when changing the cop
  • efficient lightweight-constructions to minimize drive energy
  • we produce wharves in hardened or coated design with the smallest possible wharve diameter
  • braking systems in all conventional versions
  • bottom parts of spindles with bearings by all renowned manufacturers
  • CS 1, CS 1S, CS1 12, CS1 12S, HP-S68, HP-S68/3, NASA, HF 1, HF 21, HF 3 with internal and external locking