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Wind power servicing

Wind power servicingWindgeneratoren Service GmbH as part of the PARTZSCH Group with its services supplements the spectrum of services of our company in the rapidly growing field of wind turbines. As full-service provider it offers services for all types of wind turbines with intermediate transmissions of all generator manufacturers. With the on-site service included in the service programme, the downtime of the wind turbines is greatly reduced.

Our on site services
  • Electrical and mechanical diagnostics of generators and all electrical drives, on site
  • Laser optical alignment of the generator-gear unit
  • Vibration measurement including bearings diagnostics
  • Repairs with bearing replacement
  • Repairs/maintenance of slip-ring chambers including the replacement of brush holders and brushes
  • Replacement/renewal of slip ring assemblies
  • Replacement of rotor lines to the generators of various manufacturers
workshop services as part of the general repairs
  • Disassembly, electrical/mechanical Diagnostics
  • Cleaning (washing and drying)
  • New winding of stator and rotor windings
  • Repair or replacement of defective laminated cores from stators and rotors in short time with internal production and laser cutting
  • Conditioning of bearing seats in the bearing plate and on rotor shafts
  • New bearings assembly
  • Dynamic balancing and acceleration of rotor/ coupling
  • Colouring
  • Test-area run
We operate worldwide

Upon request, for overhauls and repairs of your wind turbines, our engineers coordinate not just the service teams in Europe. This includes all assembly work, including provision of cranes, transport of the generators for repairs in the factory and reinstallation and adjustment. To minimise downtimes and costs, a number of replacement generators are kept in stock. In addition, replacement parts for common generators are kept in our warehouse.

Replacement parts
  • New and refurbished slip-ring assemblies
  • Deep-groove ball bearings in various sizes
  • Fan motors
  • Brush holders for various generator types
  • Brushes with various dimensions

Modern service vans

To provide the best customer service throughout Europe possible, the company invested in a few service vans. A special feature is the new shelving system, which provides space for numerous assembly tools and spare parts. The employees are thus prepared for any type of situation and can flexibly react on site to unexpected repair needs.

Equipment of our service vans
  • Motor analyser, from Schleich
  • Milliohmmeter Metra Hit 27M, from Gossen Metrawatt
  • Vibration measurement device VT 60 incl. software, from Brüel & Kjaer Vibro
  • Laser-optical alignment device Rotalign, from Prüftechnik AG
  • Hydraulic torque wrench, from Hydratight, 200 to 1800 Nm
  • Manual force multipliers, from Lösomat, 540 to 4000 Nm
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