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Rotor windings


Whether DC or three-phase rotor windings - we take into account all special parameters when manufacturing your rotor windings.

Slipring rotor windings

We produce mush or bar windings, depending on the rated output of your machine. In addition, the mechanical machining of rotor parts, such as the manufacture of shafts, laminated cores and slipring assemblies, is also part of our product portfolio, as does the manufacture of two-pole turbine-type rotors, including balancing and skimming.


Technical specifications

  • Weight: Max. 32 t


  • Insulated bars and/or enamelled wire
  • For use of the VPI or Resin-Rich technology
  • Minimum cross-section: 4 x 1 mm
  • Cross-section 25 x 5 mm: Up to a length of max. 2 m
  • Special dimensions possible by agreement

Winding head bandage

  • Up to a laminated core diameter of 1,500 mm
  • Up to a shaft length of 5,000 mm
  • Weight: 10 t

Larger rotors are currently bandaged in Bitterfeld.

Three-phase squirrel-cage rotor windings

This type of windings is manufactured with copper, aluminium or special alloy bars.

Technical specifications

  • Up to a weight of 32 t
  • With aluminium or copper bars
  • In any bar geometry
  • Material analyses


Technologies used for joining:

  • Welding, brazing and soft-soldering
  • Open flame or induction soldering
Rotor windings

We manufacture field windings for your synchronous machines. We use two different technologies to manufacture the field coils: Either the field poles are wound on a former with enamelled shaped wire, plugged on the pole core and screwed onto the field spider or we wind the windings directly onto the pole core; to this end, the rotor is clamped in a special facing lathe.


Technical specifications

  • Up to 22 t per item
  • Diameter of the core assembly: Max. 1,500 mm
  • Shaft length: Max. 5,000 mm
  • Diameter of the shaft on the mounting position: Max. 350 mm
  • Wire height: 1.5 ... 8.0 mm
  • Wire width: 1.0 ... 12.0 mm
  • Wire insulation: Enamel or Daglas-covered and insulated with an enamel-glass fibre-polyester blend

We would be delighted to process special customer wishes upon request.

DC windings

Whether wave or lap winding, regardless of round or shaped wire – we produce them all as DC windings. If your commutator needs an overhaul, feel free to contact us.


Technical specifications

  • DC armatures up to 120 t in weight
  • Impregnation plant for rotors up to a weight of 10 t and a diameter of 2,000 mm
  • Rotor bandages up to 3,500 mm in diameter
  • Replacement of the commutator insulation
  • Load-run test for DC motors up to 200 kW and 1,000 V
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