The PARTZSCH group of companies with its comprehensive range of products and services all around the electric machine, is for partners and customers far beyond the borders of Europe, warrantor of their reliable high quality production and repair. On 40,000 sqm production area, equipped with the latest technology, a complete service for electric, rotating machines of 100 kW to 250,000 kVA and weights up to 120 t is offered. From components to complete drive - all from one source!

As medium-sized company, we specialize in repair, maintenance and new production of electrical machinery. Equally whether it is an AC or DC machine. From the on-site service, repair up to rewinding, production of laminated cores or even the reproduction of machines, all services in the field of rotating, electric machines.

Companies in the corporate group

PARTZSCH Elektromotoren GmbH

Since 1993 the head office of the parent company of the PARTZSCH Group has been located in the Business Park Döbeln-Ost, Germany. The immediate proximity to the motorway A14 has provided perfect conditions for the company's steady growth in the past years. Oriented on the international market, the production of components for electrical engineering has become the main field of activity of the PARTZSCH Group. The components of the magnetic circuit, such as laminated cores and their windings, are of particular importance. With our service offered for electric machines as an important business field, service companies and end users alike can enjoy the high quality standard the company has been famous for since its foundation in case of maintenance and repairs.

With the current expansion process of the PARTZSCH Group, the owner-managed PARTZSCH Elektromotoren GmbH will meet future economic developments.

Customised solutions in the field of special machine engineering for power ranges up to 20,000 kVA and voltages not exceeding 15,000 V complete our range of services. We specialise in the manufacturing, maintenance, repair and commissioning of generators.

About 400 employees are currently working for PARTZSCH Elektromotoren GmbH.

Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

PARTZSCH Elektromotoren GmbH

Daniel-Wilhelm-Beck-Straße 3
D-04720 Döbeln

+49 3431 7166-100

+49 3431 7166-199

PARTZSCH Spezialdrähte GmbH

In the 1990s, the delivery times for winding wires for service jobs were extremely long. As a result of this bottleneck, a group of employees and an engineer with a high level of expertise developed their own wire production.

From this bold idea a company was born, which now currently employs 53 people and produces some 6,000 tons of winding wire annually. The production range includes the manufacture of rolled and/or drawn profi le and round wires.

The product spectrum now includes up to 50 different types of wire, from enamelled to wound and braided wires, all available in a whole range of dimensions. Up to 50% of these wires are used within the PARTZSCH Group. The other 50% are produced for customers throughout Europe.

For more information see Winding wires

Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

PARTZSCH Spezialdrähte GmbH

Ossig Nr. 9
04741 Roßwein

+49 34322 6681-10

+49 34322 6681-11

PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau GmbH

As the latest business segment of the PARTZSCH group, the PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau GmbH is concentrating on development, construction, calculation and distribution of electrical machines since February 2012. With specialisation in production on winding components of electrical motors and on generators up to 8 MW, PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau GmbH is one of the most innovative medium-sized company of the electrical industry. The field of mechanical processing is also covered by the complete range of CNC production up to the complex welding construction. Professional project handling is also guaranteed for the subjects like service, maintenance and repair of electrical machinery. Moreover, individual components are manufactured at the highest technical level and with quality and precision "Made in Germany", from the heart of Saxony.

By taking over the Mechanik Leisnig GmbH with it’s over 100 years of manufacturing experience, the company continues to develop into a global full-service provider of electrical machines and power units. With the expanded product portfolio, in combination with current product developments, options will open up, which are of an incomparable benefit for our customers.

Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

PARTZSCH Elektromaschinenbau GmbH

Am Fuchsloch 12
04720 Döbeln OT Großsteinbach

+49 3431 60212-0

+49 3431 60212-99

PAMO Reparaturwerk GmbH

This company of the PARTZSCH Group located in Bitterfeld, Germany, is an economically independent enterprise, acting independently in the market.

The main fields of activity comprise the repair and production of components for DC machines, including on-site disassembly and assembly of motors and generators up to 250 MVA.

The company, originally a repair shop for railway traction motors, is optimally positioned with its experienced technical staff and the latest manufacturing technology.

Large assembly shops facilitate the production and repair of tram motors not exceeding 500 kg and rolling-mill motors not exceeding 120 tons in any performance range.

The spectrum also includes rotors, main and commutating poles as well as compensating windings for DC machines of all kinds.

PAMO Reparaturwerk GmbH

Hallesche Str. 29
06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen

+49 3493 60449 - 0

+49 3493 60449 - 99

PARTZSCH Windgeneratoren Service GmbH

Reacting to the continual increase of new wind turbines already installed or being installed in Germany, Thomas Partzsch, together with Holger Klotsche, founded the „Windgeneratoren & Service GmbH“.

The company maintains generators in wind turbines with gear systems. The offi ces and contacts for customers and services teams are also located in Döbeln-Ost, Germany, near the PARTZSCH Group headquarters. With a fleet of mobile workshops, we offer our expert service for wind turbines both in German and abroad.

PARTZSCH Windgeneratoren Service GmbH

Oswald-Greiner-Str. 3
D-04720 Döbeln

+49 3431 7166-711

+49 3431 7166-719