Lamination stacks

The magnetic circuit of electric machines includes the stator and the rotor laminated core. These consist of laminated electrical sheets. Depending on the size and diameter of the laminated cores, there exist a number of options for manufacturing the corresponding sheets.

Sheets up to a laminated core outside diameter of 1,250 mm are usually cut out as a complete contour, thus creating a ring. With laminated core outside diameters exceeding 1,250 mm, the sheets are manufactured as segments and combined into the complete core. Our company has a variety of processes available for producing the individual contours.

We offer various opportunities for layering lamination stacks. We produce single sheets with the procedures punching, laser cutting and waterjet cutting. On the following sub-pages, you will find some additional information about them:

Individual sheet manufacturing Sheet packing for stator and rotor

Machinery laminated core production

For the production of laminated cores the following machines are at our disposal:

  • 9 double-head laser cutting machines
  • 1 water-jet cutting system
  • 1 continuous deburring and coating system
  • 1 decoiler
  • 1 light measuring table