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Repair and maintenance


We perform maintenance and repair for electrical machines, regardless of manufacturer and type – also on site at your premises, if you wish. After extensive checking, we decide to which extent the machines can be repaired or whether replication or remanufacture is more cost-efficient. In addition to disassembly, cleaning, and drying, the reimpregnation of stator and rotor windings and mechanical rework of roller and sleeve bearings are also part of our maintenance services.

By the way: We are not only equipped with state-of-the-art production machines, but also have a steel coil storage of our own with 500 ... 600 tons of electrical steel sheets of different qualities.

Our range of services for your generators:

  • Rewinding of rotors and stators
  • Replacement of rotor caps and laminated rotor and stator cores
  • Customised design changes according to your particular wishes
  • Refurbishing of shafts and replacement of sliprings and collectors
  • Manufacture and delivery of spare parts
  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Condition assessment and maintenance
  • Electrical measurements and tests
  • Generator protection tests
  • Runout test and mechanical machining
  • Installation and commissioning of excitation systems
  • Logistics and customs clearance



Our range of services for your electric motors:

  • Disassembly/assembly, either on your site or in the workshop, incl. transport
  • Commissioning
  • Test runs in the test bay (400 V ... 11 kV)
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Rewinding and rewedging
  • Replacement and refurbishing of shafts, sliprings and collectors
  • Diagnostics of the roller and sleeve bearings
  • Dimensional check of all supporting machine parts
  • Vibration analyses
  • Electrical input and output measurements
  • Runout tests and mechanical machining
  • Cleaning and painting work
  • Delivery of spare parts

All services above are also offered for explosion-protected motors of all classes.


About us

Five companies under one roof: Here at PARTZSCH, we guarantee comprehensive expertise, a high degree of flexibility and maximum in-house production in our various specialist fields – everything from a single source, from component manufacturing to complete drives!


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