Squirrel cage rotor windings

Squirrel-cage rotor windings are manufactured using copper, aluminum or special alloy bars. The generation of the welded joints of the bars with the short-circuit rings on both sides requires high technical expertise, as these parts are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations and thus extreme variations in length and expansion may occur.

Just considering the bar profiles with their varying profiles, from round-bar rotors or deep-bar rotors to double-bar rotors, suggests the high number of machine tools needed for the production of these profiles and the application of the corresponding welding processes.

Our customers can benefit from our longtime experience in this field.


Technical parameters
  • Weight: Up to 32 t

Joining methods

  • Welding, hard and soft soldering
  • Flame or induction soldering


  • Aluminium and copper bar design
  • Any bar geometry
  • Material analysis