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For this project, we overhauled the steam turbine generator for power supply and indirect steam supply in a paper factory. But there was something special to be considered: The generator has already been running since 1960. It has not been possible to date to open the generator due to its enclosure seals of which a few contained asbestos.

In total, we had to solve the following tasks: The measurements before taking the generator out of operation, disassembly, transport, overhaul of the stator, rewinding of the stator with Roebel bars, remanufacture of the laminated stator core, regrouting of the sleeve bearing shells, overhaul of the rotor, removal and checking of the rotor caps, overhaul of the exciters, assembly, and finally the commissioning.



Generator prior to the overhaul

Project key data

  • Power: 9,710 kW
  • Voltage: 6,300 V
  • Speed: 3,000 rpm
Generator after the overhaul

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